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Open Mic

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Open Mic Night is an evening filled with live music provided by singers, songwriters and local musicians. Performers can sign up with the hosts to participate in the evening by performing up to 20 minutes.

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It was established in 1999 and is one of the best OPEN MIC events in the area. Registration is required, because we always have a packed house.

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Do you want to perform… get gigs… meet other musicians? Have a good time? You’ve come to the right place!!

Taffy’s is known to provide a stage for new performers who go on to play their own gigs, record CD, etc . . . . but then we’re also known for providing a stage to lots of talented folks who never become famous, but who keep the arts alive and growing for all to enjoy.

What kind of music or performances do we feature?

Our Open Mic is for all styles of music performance, including poetry, comedy, and storytelling. Most of what you’ll hear is original songs on acoustic instruments, but we welcome whatever you have to offer.


We require performers to register in advance so we can schedule your time slot. Performances start at 7:00 P.M. Advance registration by phone is permitted. If you can’t come in time for registration the host may be able to add you to the end of the roster. If you don’t get the time-slot you want, you may be able to swap with someone else. No special preference is given to kids, pros, or to those traveling long distances.

Participants play a maximum of 20 minutes. We do limit the number of performers.

There is/are no featured performer(s) at Weekly Open Mic.

Profanity and vulgarity are not allowed! It is up to the discretion of the host to determine if a performance is inappropriate.


– Darrell Montgomery

– Kevin Rose

– Margie Stoller

– Cindy Thompson

– Aaron Harley Pemberton

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