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John Shannon, fantastic guitar player for theSHIFT gives a video interview before his appearance.  He talks about his music writing experience and their tour.

Individually, the members of theSHIFT are highly sought-after musicians who’ve recorded and toured the world with music royalty. Together, John Shannon (vocals/guitar), MJ Lambert (drums) and Ben Geis (bass) craft earth-shattering, anthemic rock with vibrant depth and a forceful punch. The powerhouse trio’s defiant sound is perfectly captured on its debut 7th Direction, to be released on April 14.theSHIFT’s multi-layered riffs and heavy driven groove are in full effect with “Kobra”, the first single off of 7th Direction. The song received its world premiere with Loudwire.7th Direction was recorded at Brooklyn’s Mission Sound and Manhattan’s JRock Studios and co-produced by Jamie Siegal (Taking Back Sunday, Mary J. Blidge, Santana). Referencing the Native American concept of directions, the track title further reflects a deeper meaning behind theSHIFT’s approach to music. “theSHIFT is about altering your consciousness through the sheer power of rock n’ roll,” declares Shannon. “Our lyrics don’t question the government, they question the nature of your reality.”

Having each attended the famed Berklee College of Music, theSHIFT comes from a wide-ranging music spectrum. Shannon has recorded and toured with top-national acts like John Mayer, Lauren Hill and Ben Harper, and also composed music for comedian Louis CK’s live specials and hit FX series, Louie. Lambert and Geis’ musical roots lie deep in the world of hip hop, having backed legends Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick.

Despite continuing to be in high-demand for session work, the trio has made theSHIFT their primary focus, determined to inject rock with the rebellious boldness lacking in today’s climate. “When you just play a song perfectly from start to finish there’s no danger there,” explains Shannon. “When you choose to open it up in a way that’s in touch with the moment and the audience, then you can get into some real danger, real transcendence.”

theSHIFT is constantly on the road, bringing its vivacious rock n’ roll spirit to life onstage.

Press Quotes

“…a powerful rock trio with a singular goal in mind: be undeniably and defiantly authentic.”
– Diffuser

“Pro musicians come together as transcendent rock trio.”
– HitFix

“…tense but delicious alt rock.”
– ARTISTdirect

“…filled with chunky riffs, a water-tight rhythm section and melody.
Hard rock, the way it should be done.”
– Pop Dose

“The anthemic and vibrant depths of destructive, face-melting power that theSHIFT boasts is not lost in their lighter vocals. Without having to strain too hard to make a statement like some younger crowds, they’re a band that has certainly put itself to the front on talent alone.”

“7th Direction opens with ‘Kobra,’ a fiery ass-kicker that veers heavily towards the likes of Dire Straits and The Police. The song swerves and kicks with reckless abandon and is fueled by a searing guitar solo from Shannon at the two-minute mark.”
– Absolute Punk

“Anthemic rockers theSHIFT score with their ‘7th Direction’ debut”
– Pittsburgh In Tunes

“TheSHIFT is a power trio that captures all energy and intensity of classic power trios such as Cream, Mountain and the James Gang. It also is a band with a sound that is fresh and contemporary.”
– The Unionville Times

“theSHIFT Are Taking Rock & Roll In A New ‘Direction’”

“TheSHIFT bring high cosmic rock and roll

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