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Why You Should Buy Physical Copies Of Music

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CD SalesDownloading music is without a doubt the most popular form of purchase in the current music industry. Millions of people use iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and other services to listen to their favorite artists and genres. Digital distribution is a relatively new phenomenon, however; for the majority of the music industry, fans and listeners purchased physical copies of music, from vinyl records to eight-tracks to cassette tapes to CDs. In fact, physical purchase of music is still a common option, and there are benefits to purchasing music in a physical form that digital copies can’t provide. Take a look at this list of just a few of these reasons.

Safety of Ownership

When you buy a CD, you own a copy of the music you purchased, and as long as you don’t break it or lose it, that copy will be yours forever. With digital music, however, most companies don’t give you right of ownership, only listening rights, which means they can revoke it at any time. Furthermore, music stored on the cloud or on a computer is only good as long as the technology holds up, and any kind of failure means your music is gone for good.

Supporting Your Favorite Bands

When you buy a physical copy of your favorite band’s music, you are most likely ensuring they get paid. For most streaming sites, bands make very little off of each listen, and unless they are highly popular, these sites don’t guarantee them a living. Sites like iTunes are better, because you pay for each song, but because you can buy songs individually, albums are discounted as a whole. A physical copy, however, makes sure your band makes a good amount of profit for their work, and will keep them making your favorite songs for much longer.

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