Here is how you can help a performer: At TAFFYs we have over 250 concerts each year, and over 90% of our concerts have absolutely NO COVER charge, because every time our audience tips our artists well.

TAFFYs would like to ask you to give your support toward advertising the performer’s concert on sponsored ads on Face Book.

As little as $1.00 can reach anywhere from 300 to 3,000 people depending on the genre and geographic outreach.

TAFFYs will use your donation of any amount to advertise each artist . . .

Please show your generosity toward the arts and give today any amount !

Supporters of our efforts:

Robert Gray
Eylerman Insurance
Brad Riley
Anthony Guenther
Cecily Parker
Jerico Vapes
Neeley Construction
Michael Hiles
Ashley Bechtel
Myrtle Hiles
Jeremy Lindner
Ryan Gayde
Lisa Brewer
Tasha Harris
Mike Sanders
Debbie Brubaker
Becky Tilton
Aaron Pemberton
Cindy Thompson
Joe Kretschmer
Willie Hawkins
Mike Crook
The Neavin Family
Springmier Family
Matt Alexander
Nathan Holthaus
Joe Augustin
Rick Baker
Dan Ogradi
Steven Reece
Laurie Puhton
Tony Baker
Ryan Keel
Scott Worley
Shawn Vorhees
Mojo Vapes
James van Winkle
Michael Vance
Bob Toothnam
Lisa with AFLAC
Shelby Thompson
Scott Hoops
Ryan Burns
Panama Red Tattoo
Patel Group
Morganne Hammaker
Jerry Tackett
Natalie Perry
Dessi Donvan
Tina Morrison
Tim Shankweiler
Roger Sherwood
Matt Elliot
Brian McClincey
Margie Stoler
Levi Witt
Dan Zuckerman
Michael Vance
Jake M.
Jim Baker
Carl Petelle
Emily Rudricil
Anthony Jones
Mary Winter
Michael Morgan
Adam Dickey
Rebecca Voge
Chelsea Smith
Kathy Sutherland

and many  more

Please give $1.00 up to $50.00

Thank you for your support !

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