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Java Drinks and Smoothies

Taffy’s regularly features a wide selection of gourmet and traditional desserts to tempt your otherwise, well-behaved diet. Our selection changes daily based on seasonal availability, and frankly, as we find new, exciting, and tasty goodies from all over!

You’ll usually find things like: Cheesecakes (w/toppings or plain),  Turtle Brownie Sundae, Muffins, Lemon Meringue Pie.
Stop in to see what we’ve got. You’ll be sure to find something that you like.

Yes, we will ship you our freshly roasted beans . . . just call 937.456.1381

Cold Signature Drinks:

Cafe’ Freddo
Coffee roast of your choice on ice with or without whipped cream

Raspeachin  On  The  Rocks
Espresso, raspberry & peach syrup, and milk over ice

Iced Mocha
Espresso, cocoa, steamed milk, & whipped cream over ice



 Traditional Latte
All great Lattes start with the Basics… Espresso & Steamed Milk

From there, take it to the next level with…

Almond Joy Latte
with Chocolate, Coconut, and Almond Syrup

Cinnamon Roll Latte
with Cinnamon & Caramel Syrup

Milky Way Latte
with Chocolate & Caramel Syrup

Mud Pie Latte
with Chocolate, Caramel, & Macadamia Nut Syrup

Snickers Latte
with Hazelnut & Caramel Syrup

Smores Latte
with Toasted Marshmallow & Chocolate Syrup

Vanilla Latte
with Vanilla Syrup

or select from our over 22 flavors !



Original Cafe’ Mocha
Espresso, Chocolate Syrup, Steamed Milk, with Frothed Milk, Whipped Cream, and a sprinkle of Chocolate on top

 White Mocha
Espresso, White Chocolate Syrup, Steamed Milk, with Frothed Milk, Whipped Cream, and a dash of Chocolate on top

White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha
Espresso, White Chocolate & Raspberry Syrups, Steamed Milk, topped with Frothed Milk, Whipped Cream and a dusting of Chocolate

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Mocha
Espresso, Chocolate & Cherry Syrup, Steamed Milk, with Foamed Milk, Whipped Cream and Chocolate on top

Amaretto Mocha
Espresso, Chocolate & Amaretto Syrup, Steamed Milk with Foamed Milk, Whipped Cream, and Chocolate on top

Turtle Mocha
Espresso, blended with Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Caramel Syrups, Steamed Milk, topped with Frothed Milk, Whipped Cream, & Chocolate



All of our Chillers start with cold espresso and ice, topped with whipped cream. We’ll blend in the flavor of your choice to order for a smooth, refreshing change of pace.

Java Chip
White Chocolate
Sugar-Free Vanilla
and about 20 more flavors . . .

Espresso & Hot Speciality Drinks:

Espresso Drinks

A single shot of espresso

A double shot of espresso

Espresso con Panno
A single shot of espresso with a dollop
of whipped cream

Cafe’ Macchiato
A single shot of espresso with a dollop of foamed milk

Cafe’ Americano
A shot of espresso with hot water added

Cafe’ Breve
A shot of espresso with steamed Half & Half

Java Jolt
Coffee with espresso shots for that added boost

Espresso, steamed & frothed milk, with cinnamon on top

Cafe’ au Lait
Dark roast coffee with steamed milk added

Caramel Macchiato
Espresso, vanilla & caramel syrup, & steamed milk with a dollop of foamed milk and whipped cream on top

Other delicious drinks:

Hot Apple Cider


Jones Soda

Iced Tea

Hot Tea

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate

Steamed milk with a flavor shot added

Chai - Hot or Cold (Blended or over Ice)






Sugar Free Vanilla

Delicious Smoothies


Strawberry Bomb
Strawberry Banana
Extreme Peach
Mango Mania
Green Apple
Pina Colada


Our coffees are brewed only with locally-roasted, premium gourmet estate variatal and blended beans. Our roast selections may be subject to change from time to time.

Daily Mild Roast
Columbian Supremo
From the famous Bucaramanga growing region, this Supremo is 95% Typica beans, which means lower yields, but better quality. Supremos are consistently graded for large bean size and are known for their clean flavor, richness, balance, and full body.

Daily Dark Roast
French Sumatra
75% of Indonesian coffees come from the island of Sumatra, where it is a huge part of the national economy. A naturally processed bean that is very rich and mellow, with full body and a concentrated flavor. Naturally low acidity and almost syrupy on the palate.

Daily Exotic Roast
Tanzanian Peaberry
The peaberry grade is made up entirely of coffee from fruit that produces a single, rounded bean rather than twin flat-sided beans. Once considered genetic oddities, peaberries are now appreciated for their own distinctive characteristics. Grown on the slopes on Mt. Kilimanjaro, these unique beans have a complex aroma and are distinctively winey (although less bold than a Kenya) with a vibrant flavor and excellent body and acidity.

Daily Flavored
Highlander Grogg
Highlander Grogg coffee is a distinctive blending of caramel, butterscotch, and whiskey flavors with the hint of faraway tropical vanilla. If you enjoy a cool breeze blowing into your face and perhaps an invigorating walk in the highlands, give our grogg a try.

Daily Decaf
French Columbian
A darker roasted Columbian Supremo roast.


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