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Taffy’s is a well known music venue in the Midwest for all types of music. We pride ourselves in supporting musicians, and host a variety of different genres including Blues, Folk, Rock, Country, Alternative, Americana, Jazz, Psychedelic,  Bluegrass, Native American, Christian and Instrumental music. – Taffy’s will appeal mainly to three types of musicians:

(a) Regional acts, who wish to make Taffy’s a regular home and build a fan following;
b) Touring musicians, who wish to pick up a gig to fill out a tour,
(c) (Inter)National established acts , who can set a ticket price and are looking for a great sounding intimate venue.

With a seating capacity of 66, and fantastic sound anywhere in the venue, Taffy’s offers a premier setting for an original music showcase.

– We have over 250 Live Concerts each Year.  And since 1999 we booked over 3,700 performances.

Many great artists have played at Taffy’s . . . from John Lee Hooker, Jr., John Hammond, Johnny A., Lawrence Juber, etc.

1.   If you are a booking agency, you are welcome to offer your clientele to us . . . we NEVER had a show that was NOT sold out with a (inter)NATIONAL ACT. We often have 2 to 3 shows a night for a national act.

2.  Our regular schedule of music, unless otherwise noted, is Mo / Tues / Wed   from 7:30pm to 10pm & Fri/Sat night from 8 to 11 p.m.

3.  As a small venue, pay is based primarily on tips and sales of merchandise (most artists do very well !).

In order for us to pay you a set fee, you MUST be a very well known performer!


4.  Before you fill out the form go to our  Event Calendar and select the dates you would like to perform.

Dates that are not filled with a gig are available !

5.  DO NOT select a Friday or Saturday unless you believe that you can draw at least 30 people to your show.

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