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Musicians & Venues:  How to be successful together

How to select a venue for your performance

As an artist you always want to perform at new places, so people get to know your music.

Before you you start calling, emailing, etc. you should determine who you want your audience to be:

1.  A bar, where you are sought to entertain the masses (they may not know you the next day) for money.


2. A venue where you will have actually an audience that is looking for music and you will receive feedback from music lovers.

Now, we suggest to always check out the venue on the web.  If they do not have a web presence . . . it seems hard to believe that you will have an appreciative audience.

If they have a web presence, check out their gig calendar to see who actually plays there.  Maybe you will recognize some artists.

If indeed you know some of the artists, call them and ask about their experience.  By experience I don’t mean how many people attended, but rather how the artists were treated by the owners/managers, and how the venue marketed the event.

Get feedback on vibe and atmosphere and then ask about merchandise sales and audience.

OK, our next article will deal with actually communicating with a potential venue.

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