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“I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky” (A Journey in Eleven Dispatches)

Traveling to the American West, with an eye to both the past and the future, looking within and without, down at the earth and, perhaps more important, up at the sky, Bill Price has discovered and rediscovered some essential ideas about life. These ideas—that trip’s resulting revelations as well as its continuing mysteries—are the inspiration behind “I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky.”

Four years in-the-making, “I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky” is more than just a new album, it is a thematic music/literary/graphic design piece. The project is being presented as “A Journey in Eleven Dispatches.”

What began as a single album project, quickly expanded into two CDs (33 new, original songs) and culminated in a beautifully designed deluxe package that contains a 160-page book of additional short stories, poems and essays; two 36-page, oversized, extensive lyric booklets; a 120-page journal (from the inspirational trip) as well as postcards; buttons; stickers and a coupon for a follow-up, 5-song EP (to be released in 2016).

As a fan of The Beatles and Bob Dylan as a teenager, Bill Price set his sights on being a songwriter. “I don’t know if it was the realization that I was always going to be just an average guitar player or the fact that I always have an opinion that got me headed in the songwriting direction. But for whatever reason, I just got that fire. I was inspired by certain music to try and do the same thing, and I still am.”

Early collaborations with his cousin Dave Price and later on with Mario Noche were also based around writing original music. “Dave was the first person I knew that actually thought about having a concept for a song. Being in my early twenties, I thought that was pretty unique.”

The collaboration with Mario Noche was also a fertile creative period. “I think we both respected each other’s songwriting ability and that inspired us to always try and bring something of quality to the table.”

In 2000 Price recorded his first album of original material, “Bones & Apples.” It received airplay in the US and Europe on college and independent radio. He also teamed up with Indiana bluesman, Gordon Bonham to form “The Brains Behind Pa” – a three, sometimes five-piece band inspired by Dylan’s songs and influences. “Gordon and I both have a love of Dylan’s music and much that inspired him, so we started a side project to kind of explore all of that music.” The result was “Old Hat,” an EP CD that contained seven traditional, folk and blues songs. It also received airplay, on college and independent radio stations across the US, in Canada and Europe.

A songwriter that is in a band inspired by Bob Dylan is bound to take the next logical step – that is, write original music for his band. “It’s an obvious extension of what we were exploring in all the old songs and Dylan’s music. It was time to apply those qualities that we like in all of that music, to our own music. Carve out our own identity.” The resulting album, “Better For The Deal,” released in May of 2006, has fifteen original songs and strongly reflects the band’s influences. It has also received airplay in the U.S. and Europe on college and independent radio.

Price released The Circus & The Gallows 3-song CD single in 2007. In late 2009 he released With the Eye of a Skeptic…, a full-length, acoustic-based CD. “It received good reviews and radio airplay overseas – mainly in Europe,” Price explains. “The reception to the Skeptic album was the most positive and extensive that any of my albums had received up to that point. It received a couple of reviews in the U.K. and airplay in Ireland which was new territory for my projects.” There were also positive reviews and airplay in Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, and Croatia to name a few others, as well as some airplay on independent and college radio in the U.S.

In 2010 Price began to expand out from his native Indiana by playing regional shows around the Midwest. 2011 saw the beginning of the recording sessions for his latest album called “I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky.”

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