It is not all about us:

All of us at TAFFYs are very proud to present you with great service, and a very special heart for live music.  We understand that you as a music lover, beer aficionado, java friend expect the very best and we work every day very hard to meet your expectations.

We truly see all of you as our family.  . . . and every event we host feels like a family reunion of The Great TAFFY NATION.


Why is TAFFYs so legendary?

TAFFYs is a combination of Coffee House,  Craft Brew Beer Paradise, and Wine Establishment.  It has always operated as a Music Venue,  where musicians played each Friday and Saturday as well as Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We always welcome touring musicians . . . .

We offer one delicious   Sandwich (you must eat it to believe it !)  , and a large variety of excellent wine & over 120 different craft brew beer


We are very proud . . .

TAFFYs was honored w/the –  Distinguished Service Award –
at 2011 Preble County Chamber of Commerce Annual Award Banquet.

We feel very honored for receiving this award and want to THANK all of our great customers, vendors and our employees.

We are proud in bringing the best in arts, music, craft brew beer, wine and special events to Preble County and beyond.


In case you love beer . . . .

Enjoy over 120 DIFFERENT KINDS of Craft Brew Beer at Taffy’s or Carry-Out!

We are selling Craft Brew Beer from around the world.
“Join the adventure, because we love better beer”

Helping Hands

How about a fundraiser for your favorite organization ?

The cause must have a humanitarian cause, that furthers the research of a disease, educational purposes or relates to social justice issues and/or makes this world a better place to live or do business in. The Taffy Team reserves the right to decide the viability of the cause. Taffy’s will do all the work and preparation! – You will be able to promote your cause during the event AND people will have lots’ of fun! We guarantee it!..

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