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Flea Bitten Dawgs @ TAFFYs
Oct 13 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Flea Bitten Dawgs @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

A sweet ballad is what we like to sink our ukulele teeth into. The ukulele give us the chance to pick hard or play so soft you have to strain to hear it….. this is a treat no other musical instrument can match.


International Guitar Artist Richard Gilewitz @ TAFFYs
Oct 14 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
International Guitar Artist Richard Gilewitz @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States



For over three decades, American fingerstyle wizard Richard Gilewitz has fascinated listeners with 6 and 12-string finger gymnastics while spinning enchanting yarns of a seasoned raconteur. His signature playing style delivers a technical diversity of banjo style patterns and classical arpeggios with a rhythmic percussive approach, exploring the history of guitar with sounds of folk to Americana, the blues to the classical, ragtime to pop, and somewhere in between. In addition to his concert performances, Richard offers his GillaCamp Guitar Workshops, Meet the Artist Seminars, and Avenues for Success Education Outreach programs to inspire players worldwide and provide opportunities for music lovers to hone their craft and young players to learn fingerstyle techniques and tips of the trade.

Richard Gilewitz BiographyAs a youngster, Richard embraced such diverse artists as The Beatles, Andres Segovia, Kraftwerk, Leo Kottke, J.S. Bach, Arlo Guthrie, John Fahey and Flatt & Scruggs. As he soaked up the wealth of inspiration supplied by the assorted acts featured at the Renfro Valley festivals, “The Dr. Demento Radio Show” and “The Midnight Special”, Richard welcomed the challenge of mastering and adapting many styles of music for the acoustic guitar. With Richard’s performances teeming with sparkles of mood mastery and wonderment, he shares a fresh impression of sound to the listener during his concert appearances and at his guitar workshops.

Richard began honing his skills both as a performer and composer during the late 1970’s at the University of Alabama, playing the local coffeehouse circuit while pursing degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Music. Following graduation, Richard placed his musical calling in the background and joined the world of flight simulation design, telemetry and satellite systems.

The 1980’s brought Richard to Florida where he released his first LP recording, Somewhere In Between. As the pull of his passion for performing and recording became so compelling, Richard left corporate life to teach and perform full time in a career that has propelled him into an international music arena. He has gone on to release seven more recordings plus a number of educational materials.

Students around the globe attend Richard’s roving GillaCamp Guitar Workshop, a 1 hour to 2-day interactive experience that provides players an avenue to renew their love of the guitar. Designed for all level of player, the GillaCamp explores a wide variety of topics in a group and individual setting. Richard also has a number of international students that study with him through Skype and is guest instructor at a number of international guitar retreats including Winterbreak in Australia and Guitar Retreats in the UK. Meet the Artist Educational Outreach takes him into the learning environment at grade/middle/high schools, colleges, and universities as this 1-5 day residency program introduces students the professional musician. Classes include lectures and instruction.

Collaborating with Mel Bay Publications, Richard released Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop; a book based on his guitar workshops, along with a DVD of “All Time Favorite Fingerstyle Guitar Tunes” and a live performance DVD, “Live at Charlotte’s Web”. His interactive Data DVDs, “Fingerscapes”, “Guitar Foundations”, “Slide Guide”, and “Fingerstyle Narratives” are available through TrueFire, as well as the Sherpa Classroom Program. He has been a contributing writer for Mel Bay Guitar Sessions, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Acoustic Magazine (UK), Premier Guitar, and the L2P Network.

Today, recognized world wide as a performer who has a quirky take on everything around him, Richard continues to live up to this depiction with rousing shows filled with offbeat observations combined with his right-hand wizardry and heaps of technique. Says Spectrum Magazine, “Much of the charm of a Gilewitz performance is in the stories he tells. He wondered aloud to the audience how many ducks he could take out in a fight if he were to be attacked by a flock of the sneaky waterfowl.”

Whether playing solo, conducting guitar seminars and school programs, or sharing the stage with folks such as Stephen Housden of the Little River Band, Brooks Williams, Michael Fix, The California Guitar Trio, John McCutcheon, John Renbourn, Mose Allison, the late John Fahey, Leo Kottke, Norman Blake, Indigo Girls, or John Hammond, Richard always invites the audience to join his journey filled with twitters, twists, and turns at every tune.


Happy Thursday – $2.00 Pizza – Live Music – Low Beer $$ @ TAFFYs
Oct 15 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Happy Thursday - $2.00 Pizza - Live Music - Low Beer $$ @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Always a fantastic time . . . come join us for $2.00 Pizza, Live Music with LaVerne Cornett and low Beer Prices.

The Best Open Mic Around Since 1999 @ Taffy's of Eaton
Oct 15 @ 7:00 pm – 11:59 pm
The Best Open Mic Around Since 1999 @ Taffy's of Eaton | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Open Mic Night is an evening filled with live music provided by singers, songwriters and local musicians. Performers can sign up with the hosts to participate in the evening by performing up to 20 minutes.

It was established in 1999 and is one of the best OPEN MIC events in the area. Registration is required, because we always have a packed house.

Taffy’s is known for providing a stage for new performers who go on to play their own gigs, record CDs, etc . . . . but then we’re also known for providing a stage to lots of talented folks who never become famous, but who keep the arts alive and growing for all to enjoy.

Our Open Mic is for all styles of music performance, including poetry, comedy, and storytelling. Most of what you’ll hear is original songs on acoustic instruments, but we welcome whatever you have to offer.

Stolen Rhodes @ TAFFYs
Oct 16 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Stolen Rhodes @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Stolen Rhodes

“I usually describe us as American or Americana Rock to most folks,” explains Stolen Rhodes’ singer/multi-instrumentalist Matt Pillion. “If folk music were turned up to eleven and included guitar solos, I think you would get in the ballpark of what we are. Our music pulls no punches, and we always speak from the heart while in verse.”
Upon hearing the group’s new EP, ‘Slow Horse,’ you’re sure to agree with Pillion’s assessment. Listing such renowned/respected acts as Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Pearl Jam as their main influences, the group (which also includes guitarist Kevin Cunningham, bassist Dan Haase, and drummer Eric Skye) has already garnered rave reviews from the press, including the following blurbs:

Stolen Rhodes’ songs easily could have existed in 1975; there are lots of infectious melodies, rousing choruses and juicy guitar solos.” —

“I was swept away by their romantic notions; of big dreams, endless love, and freedom. I could also get lost in the neverending choruses just as much as the guitars and drums and keys that make this album a long jam session that I didn’t want to end.” —

Originally formed during 2008 in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Stolen Rhodes has a total of three releases to their credit thus far, 2009’s ‘From the Dark Side of 88’ EP, 2011’s ‘Falling Off the Edge’ full length, and this year, the aforementioned ‘Slow Horse’ EP.

“The major memory I will take away from ‘Slow Horse’ is working with David Ivory,” recalls Haase. “Personally, I learned a lot about not necessarily how to write songs, but how to craft what I have written into a song. There are a lot of little things in the songs that we have written that the band never thought twice about, but after Dave heard them, he was coming back at us with new ideas. New arrangements. New, and most times more effective ways of delivering our music. Then I would go home and listen to a song on the radio, and I could hear some of the ideas that Dave was coming up with in music I would hear on MMR or XPN. It was really awesome to work with someone who challenged us like Dave did.” And as heard by such standout tracks as “Keeps Me Alive,” “50 Miles,” and “Life Was Never Finer,” the team of Ivory and the band worked wonders.

And judging by the acts that the quartet has already opened shows for (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jackyl, Blackberry Smoke, etc.), the lads can bring it live, as well. As Pillion points out, “Expect to see a live show that will knock you on your ass, and keep you in the moment from start to finish. Playing live is what it’s all about for me, there’s nothing like it. When we go on that stage, we give the audience everything we have, and we have a great time doing it. We hope that energy and excitement translates to our audience.”

Lastly, what lays ahead for Stolen Rhodes? “Just keep hitting the road, and playing music for anyone who cares to hear,” predicts Haase. “The only way to grow is to get in front of people, and the more people we get in front of, and the more people that enjoy us, the more likely they are going to bring a friend next time we roll into town. We just gotta keep on truckin’, and keep putting in all the hard work it takes to be a rock and roll band in 2014.”

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Cumberland River Band @ TAFFYs
Oct 16 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 am
Cumberland River Band @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Kentucky’s Cumberland River Band

Cumberland River band, who formed to great fanfare in 2010, concurrent with the debut of the modern western TV drama, Justified. Based on a story by Elmore Leonard, the show followed the recurring attempts of a rebellious lawman to bring a childhood friend, now a criminal, to justice. The show’s musical theme combined a rap beat with the sounds of banjos and fiddles, and a chance opportunity found the Cumberland River guys performing for the producer’s at an event in their native Harlan County – where the show was also set.

One of their songs ended up on the show’s soundtrack, and a single and video release of their composition, called Justified, was released to great fanfare in the bluegrass world in 2011. The song largely followed the story of the television drama, and included an appearance by U.S. Marshall Croley Forester, the real life lawman on whom the TV character of Raylan Givens was based.

But the band went on hiatus at the end of 2013 when founding members moved away from their base in eastern Kentucky.

2015 was the year when the rebuilding began, with previous members Joey Jones (bass), Dustin Middleton (mandolin), and Jamie Stewart (reso-guitar) getting the old band back together with newcomers Brandon Elkins on banjo and Jamie Clark on guitar.

With new representation, the band is looking to the future and a repeat run of Cumberland River.

Dean Harlem @ TAFFYs
Oct 17 @ 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm
Dean Harlem @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Dean Harlem

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Troy Petty @ TAFFYs
Oct 17 @ 9:15 pm – 11:00 pm
Troy Petty @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Troy Petty

For all the changes that native Chicagoan Troy Petty has gone through since his last release – 2012’s primarily subdued Fairy Tale Pen, a collection of songs dating back three years themselves – it’d be foolish to assume that his songwriting wouldn’t somehow be affected. None of these shifts are unheard of certainly, but each is tenuous and relatable: Dissolved connections with professional and personal relationships, moving into his original childhood home and back in with his parents, hopping from job to job, and relocating eventually to Ohio. But what’s inspiring is how Petty has come out the other end not necessarily unscathed, but better. His music and production on this latest release Departure are more triumphant and his lyrics seem wiser, whether he’s connecting with the listener, requesting needed empathy of a song’s antagonist or talking himself through the steps needed to survive the trials he’s so vividly documenting. To put it simply, Petty himself says Departure is about “letting go, listening to your intuition and finding your own meaning of ‘comfort zone.’”

Though the immensely stirring title track wraps up the album, it’s as good of a starting point as any for describing Petty’s approach. Set to a tense, waltz-like march that simmers with determination to a stunning boil, the song was born in the bedroom he had as a kid, which ended up inspiring much of the album’s material. “Musically, I felt I needed to find my identity in all the recent messes and what direction to go in, because for years i’d been tearing myself apart trying to create in just one medium: Playing acoustically on the road or electric. I decided to let all my notions (about what I thought everyone else wanted me to do most of my life) go, and the instrumentation came similarly, (almost) intuitively and with no rules or fears of crossing another sub-genre for the sake of identity or comfort.”

Columbus resident Brian McGuckin often gives this project its heartbeat on drums, but otherwise this whole soundscape is directly Petty’s. Performing all vocals, keyboards, bass and guitars himself on Departure, these songs sport real emotional muscle to coincide with the headstrong life lessons Petty brings to the table: Lead-track “All Ghosts” coasts bravely on a deep, pulsing rhythm before hitting a remarkable crescendo where it seems all previous versions of one’s self that were once “afraid to fly” turn into “angels,” free to meet their true calling; Augmented by an army of victorious strums and distant shouts, “Unfinished” is a commanding promise not to settle or die on the inside before the physical body does so;  “Motor Mind,” as close to a full-on rocker as Departure allows, still finds time to step back and examine the artist’s insomnia with gentle flourishes; “Set Me Free,” as Petty explains, “hit me like a gospel hymn,” and sounding like it came directly from a torturous desert, the tune adheres to the religious-meets-gothic nature of true journeymen like Johnny Cash. It’s a brilliant, if crazed, plea for ultimate freedom.

Recorded at John Schwab Recording – where a wide range of world-renowned acts like Kiss, Peter Frampton and Gavin DeGraw have laid down material – Departure was helmed by engineer/producer Colin Coffey (Slash; Big & Rich) and was “a breakthrough experience… finally knowing where I belong creatively,” remarks Petty. “Much of the feel of this album came from epiphany-like moments, (like) how I felt when I began doing music. Slowly and painfully over the years, I lost myself to the expectations of others in everything I did, and my art began showing signs of that. This album was a great jump-off piece for what’s to come in the future.”


Closed all Day !
Oct 19 all-day
Closed all Day !

Yes, we need a day for rest !

Oct 19 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
TRIVIA @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Trivia at TAFFYs:

Hosted by Andy and Micah.  The first half of the event is dedicated toward general knowledge and the second half is dedicated toward music.  YES, Micah will sing some songs and that is where the audience always loses it.  (The guy can’t sing)


Family friendly . . . come out and enjoy a great evening.

Charlie Millikin @ TAFFYs
Oct 20 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Charlie Millikin @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Charlie Millikin

Born into a family of musicians, singers and songwriters, Charlie Millikins’ unquenchable passion for great music and melodies seemed only natural.  At the age of 6 he was singing and performing with his siblings for family and friends.  It wasn’t until high school though that he really got the bug, and flourished. Charlie brought down the house during his senior year Christmas concert with a sweet, emotional rendition of Kenny Loggins’ classic “Celebrate Me Home”. At 18 he picked up the guitar and hasn’t looked back, playing solo gigs while working and attending school.

In the Summer of 2012 he won a Tri-State Talent Contest, and was invited to Dallas to audition for Season 5 of “The Voice”.


Justin Payne @ TAFFYs
Oct 20 @ 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Justin Payne @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

“Justin Payne is an indie-folk/Americana singer/songwriter who recently ventured out from his current residence in Asheville, North Carolina on a soul-searching personal journey across the U.S., by foot. Yes, Justin was inspired to walk across the country on a journey of discovery with nothing more than his savings and his music. Justin’s folk music expresses his soul and his voice gives the stories and experiences he sings about a very genuine and sincere quality. A passionate songwriter, Justin Payne delivers music that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.”



Buck Fifty @ TAFFYs
Oct 21 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Buck Fifty @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Buck Fifty

Buck Fifty will give you a show of a life time with his unique performing style. Come out and enjoy a great evening.

Buck Fifty was born in Chicago and lives in Virginia.  He writes songs in all kinds of Americana styles from country and rock to soul and jazz.  “My favorite color is red white and blue,” he says.  “I love our country with all her beauty and ugly, good people and bad.”  His songs are about laughing, crying, loving, and being grateful.

Buck has played in all corners of the US from the legendary Harvelle’s in Long Beach CA to the newer Gypsy Sally’s in Washington DC.  “So far I’ve never been to Alabama or Alaska, but I’m working on it.”

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Gig available @ TAFFYs
Oct 21 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Happy Thursday – $2.00 Pizza – Live Music – Low Beer $$ @ TAFFYs
Oct 22 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Happy Thursday - $2.00 Pizza - Live Music - Low Beer $$ @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Always a fantastic time . . . come join us for $2.00 Pizza, Live Music with LaVerne Cornett and low Beer Prices.

The Best Open Mic Around Since 1999 @ Taffy's of Eaton
Oct 22 @ 7:00 pm – 11:59 pm
The Best Open Mic Around Since 1999 @ Taffy's of Eaton | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Open Mic Night is an evening filled with live music provided by singers, songwriters and local musicians. Performers can sign up with the hosts to participate in the evening by performing up to 20 minutes.

It was established in 1999 and is one of the best OPEN MIC events in the area. Registration is required, because we always have a packed house.

Taffy’s is known for providing a stage for new performers who go on to play their own gigs, record CDs, etc . . . . but then we’re also known for providing a stage to lots of talented folks who never become famous, but who keep the arts alive and growing for all to enjoy.

Our Open Mic is for all styles of music performance, including poetry, comedy, and storytelling. Most of what you’ll hear is original songs on acoustic instruments, but we welcome whatever you have to offer.

theSHIFT appearing at TAFFYs OPEN MIC @ TAFFYs
Oct 22 @ 8:55 pm – 9:45 pm
theSHIFT appearing at TAFFYs OPEN MIC @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States


Individually, the members of theSHIFT are highly sought-after musicians who’ve recorded and toured the world with music royalty. Together, John Shannon (vocals/guitar), MJ Lambert (drums) and Ben Geis (bass) craft earth-shattering, anthemic rock with vibrant depth and a forceful punch. The powerhouse trio’s defiant sound is perfectly captured on its debut 7th Direction, to be released on April 14.theSHIFT’s multi-layered riffs and heavy driven groove are in full effect with “Kobra”, the first single off of 7th Direction. The song received its world premiere with Loudwire.7th Direction was recorded at Brooklyn’s Mission Sound and Manhattan’s JRock Studios and co-produced by Jamie Siegal (Taking Back Sunday, Mary J. Blidge, Santana). Referencing the Native American concept of directions, the track title further reflects a deeper meaning behind theSHIFT’s approach to music. “theSHIFT is about altering your consciousness through the sheer power of rock n’ roll,” declares Shannon. “Our lyrics don’t question the government, they question the nature of your reality.”

Having each attended the famed Berklee College of Music, theSHIFT comes from a wide-ranging music spectrum. Shannon has recorded and toured with top-national acts like John Mayer, Lauren Hill and Ben Harper, and also composed music for comedian Louis CK’s live specials and hit FX series, Louie. Lambert and Geis’ musical roots lie deep in the world of hip hop, having backed legends Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick.

Despite continuing to be in high-demand for session work, the trio has made theSHIFT their primary focus, determined to inject rock with the rebellious boldness lacking in today’s climate. “When you just play a song perfectly from start to finish there’s no danger there,” explains Shannon. “When you choose to open it up in a way that’s in touch with the moment and the audience, then you can get into some real danger, real transcendence.”

theSHIFT is constantly on the road, bringing its vivacious rock n’ roll spirit to life onstage.

Press Quotes

“…a powerful rock trio with a singular goal in mind: be undeniably and defiantly authentic.”
– Diffuser

“Pro musicians come together as transcendent rock trio.”
– HitFix

“…tense but delicious alt rock.”
– ARTISTdirect

“…filled with chunky riffs, a water-tight rhythm section and melody.
Hard rock, the way it should be done.”
– Pop Dose

“The anthemic and vibrant depths of destructive, face-melting power that theSHIFT boasts is not lost in their lighter vocals. Without having to strain too hard to make a statement like some younger crowds, they’re a band that has certainly put itself to the front on talent alone.”

“7th Direction opens with ‘Kobra,’ a fiery ass-kicker that veers heavily towards the likes of Dire Straits and The Police. The song swerves and kicks with reckless abandon and is fueled by a searing guitar solo from Shannon at the two-minute mark.”
– Absolute Punk

“Anthemic rockers theSHIFT score with their ‘7th Direction’ debut”
– Pittsburgh In Tunes

“TheSHIFT is a power trio that captures all energy and intensity of classic power trios such as Cream, Mountain and the James Gang. It also is a band with a sound that is fresh and contemporary.”
– The Unionville Times

“theSHIFT Are Taking Rock & Roll In A New ‘Direction’”

“TheSHIFT bring high cosmic rock and roll


Performers Website >>

Donna Frost from Nashville @ TAFFYs
Oct 23 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Donna Frost from Nashville @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Donna Frost

“Even when Donna Frost picks up her acoustic guitar, the point of view is that of a brass-in-pocket rock chick. Even when her country influences show, there’s a rocker’s grit and guts in her words and attitude. As the singer of the Bunnies, one of Nashville’s first punk-rock bands, she burned a path for others to follow. “Girls Like Us,” her new CD, proves she’s still blazing a trail all her own” Michael McCall, Nashville Scene

“Like a chameleon, her smooth vocals transition from track to track. She reminds one of an early nineties Mary Chapin-Carpenter, mixed in with some Heidi Newfield, and a little soul a la Janis Ian from Seventeen. But she never falls into the trap of letting the music overtake the musician…This is one artist that I believe will be able to stay true to her indie roots no matter how mainstream her work becomes” Jenny Delamotte, Music News Nashville

“Sometimes songwriters are so busy writing a lyric that they forget to wrap it in a good tune. Not so with Donna Frost. Each lyrically sound cut is enveloped in a well-acted scene of musical imagery. A folky edge with a bluesy overtone and a country passion, this diverse disc is a musical résumé for this talented Texan”..Lucky Boyd, My Texas Music

“ …Her songs display a rocker’s attitude vocally and especially lyrically even though the songs are smooth, not ragged and punky”…Jess Marich, Shake Magazine

“…Donna is the real deal” – Rick Grant, “Rick at Night”

Moriah Haven’s Artist Extravaganza SHOWCASE @ TAFFYs
Oct 24 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Moriah Haven's Artist Extravaganza SHOWCASE @ TAFFYs | Eaton | Ohio | United States

Moriah Haven hosts the 3rd installment of her Artist Showcase at TAFFYs

Can you believe the line-up?

Before reading on, please visit this page to learn about this incredible event. (will open in new window)


The Hopelessly Romantic Skeleton wants you to come share the love at TAFFYs – The Music Mecca of the Universe – Beer – Wine – Java, on October 24th, for the Local Artist showcase & Costume Party.

How can you refuse this guy?

A few costume winners will win some free Moriah Haven CD’s (with limited-run, hand-illustrated Halloween Covers), and some other fun handmade goodies from Moriah & the gang.

Featuring at this Showcase:

– Jim Pelz

– Drew Joseph

– Nancy Paraskevopoulos

– Paige Beller

Illustration by Moriah Haven Lawson. You can buy a 5×5 print of him at the show, too!


Check out the official event page here to RSVP or to inquire about performing at a future showcase here:

Event Registration

-Hosted by Moriah Haven

Closed all Day !
Oct 26 all-day
Closed all Day !

Yes, we need a day for rest !


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